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Remember to analyze the situation before installing a shower. Learn how to add a new bathroom to a home, including tips on shower installation in this free home improvement video.

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Video Transcript

Today were installing the shower the shower pan and the sides and the doors and everything and we've what I found out is that my walls are not squire there not plumb they bow in they bow out. So what I have had to do is come in and fur out the wall so that I and I am going to have to take a piece of half in plywood put over this furring to give me a good solid back to glue my shower sides to. It?s been a little bump in the road but were making head way. The pan is set in place the drain is hooked up. Were ready now to cut our plywood screw it to the walls and then start putting the siding on. The other thing that we had to do is we had to pull the shower valve out of the wall so when we add our half inch plywood we can still get our shower handle on and make the shower valve work properly. So were ready for the next step. We've squired up our walls we furred them out and now we have cut plywood to give us a nice solid backing for our siding to adhere to we have cut a hole for our shower valve and now were in the process off screwing off the plywood to the wall and then we will start putting the siding on. We?re going to cut the hole. This is the piece that goes up against the shower valve and I am going to cut the hole in it right now. Well there we go. This is the right side of the shower stall and we've put it up for a dry fit and we want it to fit right down on the shower pan so we've scribed it with a pencil. Made a mark and I need to cut off just a little bit so that when we set it there against the wall it will sit right down on the shower pan. So let?s cut. We've got our plywood up we've dry fit our pieces we've cut them off so they fit nice and tight and now were ready to put the glue on and what I've got is a little notched trowel and I will take the glue and put in on trowel and then just smear it on the wall and you want to put it on you want to caver your area pretty well. You want this stuff to stick. Try to keep it off your hands. You really want to get it down on the edges so that the material will stick good and if get any of this on the pan or anyplace that you don't want. Barbecue starter fluid will remove it real quick or soap and water if you?re quick. I am using this scrap piece of foam here just to keep me out of trouble. Now I bought a gallon of glue I won?t need anywhere near that much but I didn't want to run out. So I will have some left over when it?s all over. Ok, were just finishing up our prep work for the first sheet of our siding and I'm just putting a bead of cock down along the bottom so that it will help repeal water.


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