How to Curl Ribbon with Scissors

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Learn how to curl ribbons on a feather boa with expert party tips and advice in this free online bachelorette party planning and attire video clip.

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Video Transcript

PAMELA YAGER: Okay, so now we have our curling ribbon through our flower and we're going to place that towards the bottom of the party boa or the boa. It's not the party boa yet. It's getting there. I'm going to place it at the bottom, approximately--say an inch or so. And this time, when I pull the ribbon around, I'm going to tie the ribbon right in the front of the flower and through the--I think they call that the stamen or something, that's the center of the flower--and that's where we're going to be knotting it. Now remember, our first ribbon was towards the back and this one's going to be towards the front. And I'm actually going to just do a knot. And if you noticed, it goes right around the whole center of the flower there. And we just make a knot. And now, it depends on how long you want to have your ribbon. I think I'm going to make this ribbon a little bit shorter and just coordinate the difference so I'm going to trim it a little bit. And now it's time to curl it. For curling ribbon, it's--so you take--open up your scissors and one side of your scissors, you place up against the ribbon and you pull outward like that and it curls it up. So we're going to do it on both sides. You noticed I am curling from the center out this way so that it--both of the curls, they curl towards the center of the flower. That's kinda neat. And so there we have the bottom flower of our party boa. Now, we're ready to do the other side.


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