How to Change a Flat Tire on a Bike


Flat tires happen every once in a while. The good thing is fixing it on a bike is much easier than on a car for example. You will not need to buy a new tire either, unless someone slashed it. You might need a new tube, but if you're lucky all you need to do is glue a patch over the hole.



Things You'll Need

  • Bike Pumps
  • Tire Levers
  • Bike Tire Inner Tubes
  1. Remove the Tire

    • 1

      Remove the bicycle wheel from the frame.

    • 2

      Release the air if the tire is not flat.

    • 3

      Insert the thin end of a tire lever between the tire and the rim.

    • 4

      Pull the lever down, and clip the hook end to the nearest spoke.

    • 5

      Move over two spokes, and repeat with a second tire lever.

    • 6

      Move over two spokes more, and repeat with a third lever.

    • 7

      Take the first lever out, move over two spokes from the third lever, and repeat.

    • 8

      Work around one side of the wheel in this way until one side of the tire is free.

    • 9

      When one side of the tire is completely off the rim, pull the other side off with your hands.

    Change the Inner Tube

    • 10

      Pull out the old tube with your hand and discard, or save it to patch later.

    • 11

      Run a hand lightly over the inside of the tire to find the cause of the flat and remove it.

    • 12

      With a bicycle pump, put one or two strokes of air into the new tube.

    • 13

      Put the new tube in the tire.

    Remount the Tire

    • 14

      Find the hole in the rim for the inflation valve; this is the piece of metal attached to the rubber tube into which air is pumped.

    • 15

      Pull the valve through the hole in the rim, and pull the tire over the wheel.

    • 16

      Working around the wheel with your fingers, push one side of the tire onto the rim. The tire's edge will seat itself along the inside edge of the wheel's rim.

    • 17

      Once one side of the tire is onto the rim, check that the tube is not pinched between the edge of the tire and the rim. If it is, gently pull the tube out from the other side.

    • 18

      Turn the wheel around once one side is complete.

    • 19

      Push the second side of the tire onto the rim with your thumbs. When the tire is nearly all on the rim, it will become taut and will require a last hard push with your thumbs.

    • 20

      Reinflate the tire to its recommended pressure as printed on the side of the tire.

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