Applying Eye Shadow for Wedding Day Makeup

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Learn how to apply eye shadow makeup on your wedding day and get expert tips and advice on makeup application for special occasions in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

This is Kim Brown. In this segment we are going to be putting eye shadow on the bride. We talked earlier about picking your colors. We have decided to go with the warm palette, so this is the just a neutral cream color that we are going to cover the entire eye surface. I always like to use 2-3 colors on the eye and this just gives enough color to the eye definition and shadowing. So with your first color, your neutral color, you are going to fill in the entire eye and this is with your smaller eye shadow brush. This is the base for the rest of your colors. So you just want to make sure you get all the way to the brow line and all the way down to the lash line. And then you almost follow the shape as if the eye came out. If you were to hold the pencil from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eyebrow then you really do not want to go past that point. You can blend out past that and just make the line disappear. Especially if you are using a darker color you always want to tap off your color. There is another trick if you put the loose powder that I used earlier you can tap it on the face so that she has loose powder laying on your face right here and that will catch any droppings of eye shadow. If you are using a darker color you don’t want to ruin all your make up with that dark color falling down on your cheekbone. You can use the darker color across the bottom part of the eye here closest to the lash line and then just blend it out. So you are only using really two colors. Then you could also put a little bit of gold if you wanted to right in the center and that will just make her eyes pop. Another way is to put the gold along the lash line and then use the bronze color as a shadowing right in this area. It’s almost like a triangle section here. I think we are going to do that just because it is little bit more difficult. We will use the lighter color, the gold and brush it along her lash line and her eyelid, just almost on the ball of your eye where you can still feel your eye ball but before you get up to the crease and from the corner of the lash line just about a quarter the way in and then up almost makes a triangle with a little bit your thumb on the eyebrow and that spreads the eye out and you can really get in and blend really well. So you don’t have any heavy line in that crease. For more information on the wedding tips that I gave you today, you can contact us at


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