Choosing Make-Up Colors for Your Wedding Day

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Learn how to choose the right makeup colors for your wedding day and get expert tips and advice on makeup application for special occasions in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

This is Kim Brown. So in this segment we are going to be talking about choosing the makeup color for your wedding. It depends on lot of things; your skin tone? Are you more of a cool or a warm? Sometimes it can switch back and forth, if it is more in the summer and you have a tan but normally you are pale complected and have light eyes you may be a cool but you might also look good with some warm tones. So when picking your colors I always ask the bride, what colors are in her wedding. What color the bridesmaids are wearing? What is the theme? What time of year it is. All these things kind of come into play plus what is just going to look best on your skin. So say if you are having your wedding and it is in fall, and you are having, like your wedding colors are orange flowers and yellow flowers and lot of gold and your bridesmaids are wearing, say like a rust colored bridesmaid dress and then you also have a little bit more of a warm tone. You know you have got brown hair, your eyes are gold, they are green but they have got a lot of gold in them. So gold would also look really good on you. You could go with more bronzy colors and warmer tones. With your skin tones and everything just looking at you, I would not think that the pinks would look good plus being the colors of your wedding you have more of the oranges and the fall colors then just going with overall warm tone will look best with your skin tone. Also I like to kind of use that with your bridesmaids too. You can pick a color palette and then have them all use the same color pallette, so that in the pictures, they all look good. If some of you are wearing more warm tones and like a rust color lipstick or a bronzy color lipstick and then someone else has a really pink colored lipstick and might not look as good in photos. So I have a couple examples of warms and cools; this will be more of a warm palette and this will be more of a cool palette with the pinks and then with the eye shadows as well. These are more cool colors for a cooler palette, which we won’t be using today. We will be using the warm colors. There is a bronzy color and a gold and gold will really bring out the gold in her eyes. It is going to really make them pop and then our neutral color, it is called cream soda. It is just really neutral on the warm side, cream color and you want to have a nice neutral color that you do all over the eyes. For more information on the wedding tips that I gave you today, you can contact us at


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