Make-Up Brushes for Wedding Day Makeup

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Learn how to use various types of make-up application brushes for your wedding day and what each are used for and get expert tips and advice on makeup application for special occasions in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

This is Kim Brown. In this segment we are going to be talking about brushes and the importance of brushes. I think it is really important to have specific brushes for specific areas of the face. This is a foundation brush and you can either use your fingers or sponge or foundation brush and a foundation brush just gives a really nice finish to the face. Bronzer brush when you swirl it in your bronzer and then you just bronze the face with it; it just gives a really nice effect with bronzing. So this is a bronzer brush, nice short, compact bristles. A blush brush is a little bigger and fluffier bristles than a bronzer brush and so this just gives a nice spreading of your blush. Eye shadow brushes, there are a few of them. There is a smaller one that you can apply more compact color with. Your darker colors you are going to want to use the smaller bristle brush and it just fits on the eye really nice and holds lot of color so you can just really get a lot of color on the eye with that and then you want to go in with a blending brush. You always want to use a blending brush and this has really soft bristles and it has got a fluffier head on it. It just really blends out all your colors, so you don’t have any hard lines left; you will see me using these throughout the segments. But you just go along each line of eye shadow that you do. When you all finished you really want to just use this and blend it out and that will get rid of any hard lines that you have on your eye shadow. This is a harder bristle brush and this will be an eyeliner brush or you can even use it in your eyebrows when you do your color on your eyebrows if you need to fill in. It has a nice angle to it so it just fits right in your eyebrow really well. You always want to put your lipstick especially on your wedding day with the lip brush. You just use it straight from the tube it does not look as professional. You can use as right on the tip of the lipstick, just brush right on there and then you brush it on your lips and it just gives a really nice professional look. This is three in one; it has got a mascara wand, a comb and a brush. So, this you can when you have finished coloring your brows then you brush them in the place, which is really important, eyebrows are like framing of your whole face. So you want to always make sure to finish off your look by brushing your brows. Hopefully you will go on get yourself a really nice set of brushes; look for natural bristles that are going to last longest and do the best. For more information on the wedding tips that I gave you today, you can contact us at


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