Analyzing Your Skin Type for Wedding Day Makeup

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Learn how to determine your skin type and choose cosmetic products for your wedding day that are best for your skin. Get expert tips and advice on makeup application for special occasions in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

This is Kim Brown. In this clip, we are going to be talking about analyzing your skin; if she has oily skin, dry skin and problem areas. We will talk about that and decide which the best foundation for her to go with is. What you feel like your skin is like? Definitely dry spots and get oily. So you get the shiny in the T-zone there; the forehead, the nose, the chin, that type of area? Okay. Some people are water dry where they just don’t drink enough water and so, they think that they have dry skin, but really it is just from not drinking enough water. So you could use a cream foundation in that case, thinking your skin is dry. If it disappears on your skin it means you are just water dry, soaking it up, so you would probably want to go with the powder and powders usually they cover really nicely and they don’t make your skin feel dry. Even people with dry skin can use powder in there and they are fine with it. Most people when they put their liquid foundation on they don’t powder, they don’t do all of the process that you would do on your wedding day. On your wedding day, you really need to wear more make up than on a regular day just because you are going to be more nervous that day, you are going to be sweating more, you are going to be more oily, just all that kind of thing it adds to it, so the layering effect is what really matters on your wedding day, so you would want to do concealer, put your foundation on, set it with powder and then you do your eyes and all that. It looks like you need a little bit of moisturizer to get a nice finish over your whole face and then we will do a liquid foundation, do a concealer and will set with powder, okay. For more information on the wedding tips that I gave you today, you can contact us at


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