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Learn how to choose tools for helping set hair for your wedding day hairstyle; get expert tips and advice on styling your own hair for special occasions in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

This is Kim Brown. In this segment, I just want to tell you a little bit about the tools that we use to curl our model’s hair. These are hot rollers, and they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. This just happens to be my favorite. I don’t even know if we can find them anymore, they are Clairol hot rollers. I like the ones with a little bit of velvet coating on them. They are easier to handle; they don’t get so hot. You don’t burn your fingers as much. These have been on for about an hour and I can still hold on to them, but they still have a lot of heat and they curl the hair really well. There are 3 different sizes of curlers. Rarely do I use the tiniest one, but on some looks, you might want to use them. I use the medium and large size the most. There are rollers that are plastic, which are fine. They have little bristles on them and they kind of comb the hair as you go, but they are a lot hotter and a little harder to work with. You can find them mostly in beauty supplies; on the internet I am sure you can find hot rollers. Curling irons, these are 2 different types of curling iron. This is called a Marcel, which is a little harder to use for most individuals. Hair stylists shouldn’t have a problem, but some times it is harder for just a regular client to use the Marcel. It spins and it’s easy. It doesn’t lock down when you are curling it. Also, this is a metal barrel. This is a ceramic curling iron and with a spring grip, so it holds the hair in tight and it's easy to use. This is a bigger barrel; I would like to mix the two barrels lots of times when I am doing sets, or there is even a larger size that you can go to and get a variation of curl. The difference between the ceramic and the metal barrel is really new technology. Ceramic is new technology. You want to get not the coated kind; you want to get a solid ceramic as much as you can. There are just different ones. This happens to be Chi, which is my favorite. Also, there is Chi blow dryers, because you are going to need to blow dry your hair too. The ceramic and Chi the newest technology. If you are using that, then you want to use broad bristle brushes or ceramic brushes are the best. If you use a metal brush with a Chi iron you are more likely damage your hair. It can get really hot, and it can melt combs, and your hair could get burnt using a metal iron or metal brush in your hair with a Chi blow drier. Those are just a few tips to know when you are buying your tools and getting to ready to do your hair for your wedding. For more information the wedding tips that I gave you today you can contact us at


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