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Learn the purse game, a fun couples game for coed baby showers, in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Baby Shower Game Ideas
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Video Transcript

Hi this is Brenda and today we are having fun with our baby shower games. Now for this game all you need are the ladies to present their purses on their laps to you. You are going to have a lot of fun with this and I think your guests will too. For this game you will need to ask the ladies different questions about what is in their handbag. The one who has the item that you suggest gets to have a point and if you would like to write that down on a sheet of paper, maybe give each person a sheet of paper and pen and the one at the end who has the most items that you requested is the winner. Say for instance, you say ladies who has a pen in your purse. Well I happen to have a pen so I would get a point there. Maybe next you would say who has a tube of lipstick. Well I’m looking here in my purse and it looks like I don’t have one so I don’t get a point there. How about a deposit slip from your bank? I happen to have this so that is another point for me. So you just go on down the list asking for just random strange items. You might say does anybody have a straw in their purse and well I don’t seem to have a straw but somebody may have one; a bottle of aspirins, piece of Kleenex or even something like this a gum wrapper. I have that so I would get a point there. So at the very end the winner would get a little prize and you can give the prize to the mom if you like too or either the recipient could keep the prize.


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