Tips for Using Halloween Pumpkin Designs

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Everybody loves carving Halloween pumpkins! Learn how to transfer your pumpkin carving design onto your pumpkin with expert tips on how to carve a Halloween pumpkin in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to talk to you about using a marker to transfer you design to your pumpkin. Now one of the easiest ways of transferring you design to your pumpkin is by using a marker. Sharpies stay for a really long time so you can make sure that you lines do not get smudge while you are working on it. But I actually prefer using a draw erase marker cause it is a lot easier to wash off any sort of runners of the lines once you are finished. One of the benefit in using a marker to transfer your design is that even though it is more difficult to stick to your original plan you can be a little bit more creative. So I'm going to transfer the mouth that I drew here onto the pumpkin. I start by drawing a straight line. Even though here I have teeth and again we run into one of the benefits into using a marker. Rather then having to poke around the actually design I can draw a straight line, draw the teeth attached to the line and then erase that part right there. Now if I have marked it the other way I would have permanent lines there and I wouldn't be able to change it afterwards. Now when you are doing this you want to make sure you don't get to close to the bottom cause look what I just drew there. It is down here no one is going to see it. So again many benefits in using markers I can erase that. Dry it off and then start over higher up. You can keep redrawing the design as much as you like until you find something to settle on. Also even though you can still see some of these lines you can do a much better scrubbing once you are finished carving. Something like this for example I'm going to end up cutting this out anyways so there is really no since of cleaning it off right now.


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