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Everybody loves carving Halloween pumpkins. Learn about pumpkin carving supplies with expert tips on how to carve a Halloween pumpkin in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm here to talk to you about supplies you'll need while carving a pumpkin. First of all you're going to need lots of newspaper. Carving a pumpkin can be very messy and you don't want to get surfaces around you dirty, so the best thing to do is to cover them with newspaper before you start. Before you start carving your pumpkin, you're going to have to clean it off and a sponge is the best way to do this. While you're carving it you're going to make a big mess, so it's nice to have some paper towels around you just in case. You're also going to need a big bowl. After you cut the top off of the pumpkin, you have to scoop out all the insides and you need some place to put them. So have a bowl around, makes that a lot easier. You'll also need spoons. I like to use a larger spoon to get the majority of the pumpkin gunk out of the inside. But it's also nice to have a smaller metal spoon so that you can scrape the stuff that's stuck along the sides. You're also going to need a few knives. A larger knife to cut the top off and to do some of the bigger cuts. A medium size knife to do the majority of the hole cutting that you're going to need to do. And a smaller knife for some of the more detailed work that you'll need. And finally you're going to need a small candle and some matches. But you really don't need to worry about what this is for until the end. Even if you know that you have all these supplies lying around your house, it's a good idea to get them all collected and in one spot before you start. Because it can be very frustrating to realize that you need a particular knife while you're over at your pumpkin carving station and have to run into the kitchen and get it. So make sure you know where all of your supplies are and they're close at hand.


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