How to Clean a Car's Interior


Cleaning the inside of a car is something that easily can get overlooked because people are mostly worried about how their car looks on the outside or they just want to save some money when going to their local car wash. You can save the cost of a professional detailing by getting out the vacuum cleaner and a few household products. Here are a few tips on how to detail your car's interior.



    • 1

      Remove the floor mats from the car. Shake them to remove any debris sticking to them.

    • 2

      Using the hose attachment of a shop vacuum, vacuum all seat cushions, paying special attention to the crevices where cushions meet. Be sure to vacuum the bottom and back of the seats. Check beneath seats for coins and trash before vacuuming.

    • 3

      Vacuum the floor of the car, including the area beneath the seats, still using the hose attachment.

    • 4

      Vacuum the floor mats. When finished, give the mats a final shake to remove any remaining debris, then return them to the car.

    • 5

      If any fabric seat cushions or carpets are stained, use a damp towel to apply a small amount of carpet shampoo to the stain. Work the carpet shampoo into a light lather.

    • 6

      Sponge away the shampoo with a damp sponge and allow to air dry. Don't use carpet shampoo on leather.

    • 7

      Clean all the windows using a window cleaner and newspaper or paper towels.

    • 8

      Vacuum or wipe debris from the dashboard and doors.

    • 9

      Spray a small amount of car-interior or vinyl protectant on a towel or rag. With the moistened rag, gently wipe the dashboard, door handles and all vinyl parts.

    • 10

      Allow to air dry.

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