Hanging Picture Frames: How to Hang Pictures on Wood Panel Walls

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Hanging pictures on wood panel walls is something that you need to do with a very specific type of nail. Hang pictures on wood panel walls with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello everyone, I'm Joshua Clement, and this is how to hang a picture frame on your wood panel walls. Now when it comes to paneling, it's very thin, it's only a quarter inch, and it doesn't hold a lot of weight. So the key is to find those studs and hang your picture frame on those studs. For this job I'm going to be using a hammer and a paneling nail. When you're hanging a picture on your paneling, you want to find where the studs are. They way you do that is find the fascia nails in your paneling. Where those fascia nails are is where a stud's going to be or a girt that runs across your studs that holds the paneling up. So we're going to take our paneling nail. The reason I use a paneling nail is so that way if I ever want to take the picture down, all I have to do is drive that paneling nail in, and it matches the rest of the paneling nails in my paneling. So we'll find the studs by locating the nails, and then you'll go ahead, put your nail on the stud, and drive it in. You want to drive it in at a little bit of an angle upward, that way it holds more weight and it's distributing it down to the stud. You want to leave it out about a quarter-inch, that way it can grab onto the hook on the back of the picture frame. Now all that's left is to hang your picture. It's a good idea to make sure that your picture frames are put into studs, that way as people are walking around it's not going to be pulling out and hitting the ground. Thank you all for watching, and good luck with this project.


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