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Tie-dye decorations are a great thing to make right before that big party. Find out about tie-dye decorations with help from a tie-dye professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Steven Lee, and I'm going to talk to you about tie dye decorations. Now tie dye decorations in reality you can tie dye anything you would like to decorate your house or party as long as it's made from a plant based material, things like cotton, linen, rayon, anything that you can find made from those materials you can tie dye. For example, this was a napkin that was tie dyed and is intended as a wall hanging. This napkin I'm going to show you how to tie dye right now. I'm going to tie dye this napkin and the first step of the tie dye process I use reactive dyes so I'm going to soak the napkin in a soda ash and water bath first. Then I take the napkin out and I wring it out a little bit so when I wrang out the soda ash water I didn't wring it out too thoroughly because I wanted the fabric to be fairly wet because when I want to do a marble pattern, I want the dye to kind of spread wildly on the fabric. Now I'm just going to wrinkle the napkin up in this little tray and now I'm going to squire the dye on the fabric and I'm just going to squirt it on in kind of random patterns because I want the dye to spread all over. So I'm going to put some pink on and some yellow and some orange. And with this tie dye, I'm using these little pipette tools to squirt the dye on with. I really like these because when you use them you can use them on much smaller objects and get better detail and you can really put the dye exactly where you want to. The dye doesn't drip. They are really neat and easy to use. Now that I'm done dying the fabric, I'm going to let it sit for awhile and then I'll do the last step in the dying process which is to wash out the loose dye that didn't affix to the fabric and I'll do that by taking the fabric to a sink and flooding it with cold running water and rinsing out most of the loose dye by hand that way and then I will go ahead and throw it in the washing machine with warm soapy water and finish washing out the loose dye in the washing machine. Now this was a marble pattern that I did, this original sample I showed you was a spiral pattern so they will look different from each other. So have fun tie dying.


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