How to Tie-Dye With Red & Blue

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Tie-dying with red and blue will require you to make sure you've got the balance under control. Tie-dye with red and blue with help from a tie dye professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Steven Lee, and I'm going to teach you how to tie dye with red and blue. Now our sample shirt today is blue and pink, but pink's a light shade of red, and to get pink with red, you'd just take red dye and mix it lightly. I've tied up this shirt dry with string and rubber bands and zip tie, and then I tied a little knot in the corner here. So now I'm gonna take the shirt and soak it in soda ash water. We're using reactive type dyes so we soak the shirt in soda ash water first, then we take the shirt out and ring it out, and then I'm gonna put this shirt in this tray that I'm gonna use to catch the dye. So now I'm gonna squirt red and blue dye onto the fabric, and this is kind of an old fashion tie dye look, so I'm gonna squirt red dye on the tops, and it doesn't matter if it goes over a little bit, and then I'm gonna take blue dye and saturate the whole base of the shirt so it will be a mostly blue shirt with red kind of star bursts coming out of it. Now I'm gonna squirt blue dye on. And when you're tie dyeing, you want to saturate the fabric with dye, so you do a good coloration in the shirt without much white area. So I'm gonna saturate the fabric with dye. And with this dye I'm using turquoise and fuchsia, and when turquoise and fuchsia blend together, they'll make purple spots on the shirt too. Once I'm done dyeing the shirt, I'm gonna leave it tied up and leave it alone until I'm ready for the last step in the dyeing process, which will be to wash out the loose dye. So after I've dyed this, I'm gonna let it sit for, oh I usually like to let fabric sit over night, and then I go wash it out the next day. I find the longer I let it sit, the easier and cleaner it is to wash out the loose dye, like if you do it the next day. Red and blue are primary colors, so with that color combination, you can't go wrong.


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