How to Reuse Old Things to Create New Decorations for Your Home

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Reusing old things to create new decorations for your home is something that you can do with old school lockers and other items. Reuse old things to create new decoration swith help from the owner of Impatiently Crafty, a DIY site documenting her build, make and create adventures (and bloopers) at home and in life, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Lindsey Ralston. And this is how to use old items and make new decorations for your home. Today, I'm going to show you one of my favorite projects, which is taking an old item such as old school lockers and making them into something new and functional for your home. I'm really excited to share this project with you, let's get started. O.k., so, for this project, I found this lockers, these beautiful lockers at an antique store. And brought them home and they fit perfect in my house for a sideboard, as well as wonderful storage for my kids arts and crafts projects. To get this project started, what you want to do is first clean the lockers out. And then, finish the exteriors of the lockers with an automotive grade polish, which prevents any further rusting. But still keeps the patina of these awesome digital lockers. To make the tabletop on these, what I did was I actually took three two by six boards, cut them to the width that I wanted. And then, screwed them from the underside of the lockers to get these nice, solid tabletop on top. And finished it with a coat of polyurethane. So, what I did on the bottom of the lockers, is I took the same wood, I ended by using fur wood for this. Because I love kind of that amber tone that the fur wood gives off. And I got some four by fours and I cut them to four inches in height. What that does to the lockers, is it brings it up just enough off the floor. That it looks more like furniture, instead of laying lockers on the floor. I put those legs on, actually six legs on this one because it's a wide locker. Finished it off with some felt feet, so it doesn't scratch my floor. And now, I have a wonderful vintage up-cycled buffet out of old lockers that I can use for storage and it's a pretty cool piece of decor.


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