A DIY Recycled Jean Quilt

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A DIY recycled jean quilt is a great way to take older items and turn them into keepsakes or gifts. Find out about a DIY recycled jean quilt with help from the owner of Impatiently Crafty, a DIY site documenting her build, make and create adventures (and bloopers) at home and in life, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Lindsey Ralston. And this is how to make a DIY recycled jean quilt. This is a really fun project and a great way to take some of your families old and worn denim jeans you may have lying around the house. And cut them into squares to make a really great, warm and kind of a keepsake quilt for your home or for a gift. To get started with this project, you want to set out your cutting mat. You also want a long, nice ruler that you can use as your straight edge and a rotary cutter. Then, take your denim and lie it out flat onto the mat. Using your ruler to find a nice straight edge, line it up on the lines and take your rotary cutter and cut. You're going to flip this around, making sure you're doing five inches each time. So that you end up with a nice, solid five inch square of denim with no seams or pockets in it. You want a nice, flat piece of fabric. Cut all these squares and continue cutting from all the jeans that you have, until you get the number of squares that you need. Once you have that, you can start making the rows for the quilt. Sew one edge of each square to each other, until you get a nice, solid row that's the width of the blanket that you want. Once you have the rows done, then sew all of those together along the lengthwise. And now you have your front side of your quilt. Simply sew on a backing of fleece and then, take some yarn and tie where all the corners meet on the quilt to tie the fleece to the denim quilt portion. And when you're done tying all those knots, you now have a wonderful and warm DIY recycled jean quilt.


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