How to Crochet a Border on a Towel

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Crocheting a border on a towel is something that depends on you having a single E regular crochet hook. Crochet a border on a towel with help from the owner of Terri's Yarns & Crafts, a craft supply store in Sevierville, Tennessee, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ava Lynne Green with Terri's Yarns and Crafts in Sevierville, Tennessee. I'm going to show you how to crochet a little more elaborate border on a towel. For this project you are going to need scissors, a ruler, a small steel crochet hook, size E regular crochet hook, and some sort of marking pen either an erasable marking pen like this or a pencil and of course, a towel and this is a sport weight cotton yarn. To start to prepare your towel, you will open up the hem if there is a hem on your towel like this one has and then cut the border on the towel off, not quite up to the terry but just almost up to the terry cloth on the towel. Then lay your marker out, or lay your ruler out and make marks along the towel to show where to evenly space the holes for your stitches. Now your number of stitches will depend on what pattern you are doing. For this pattern it requires a multiple of eight stitches and with the size of this towel, 64 stitches fit on this towel. So I would make 64 marks along the edge of my towel. Then take your small crochet hook and poke it through the end of the towel and pull your yarn through at the marking. Go to the next marking, stick the hook through, pull up a loop, and finish the single crochet. Do that all the way across the towel making sure that you have the correct number in this case 64 single crochet along the edge of the towel for the first row. Now the second row on this pattern is a series of chains and skip stitches making loops. There are five chains and then a single crochet, after you skip three stitches. Then skip three stitches, chain five and make another single crochet and the last row is a single crochet edging with pekos so when you are done you have an edging with fancier little pekos. When you get everything finished, you can pull the pekos out and you have a nice border on your towel. You can find the directions for this project at Terri's Yarns and Crafts.


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