Making Necklaces With Ribbon & Thread

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You can use any type of ribbon to make a necklace. Find out about making necklaces with ribbon and thread with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina Gavenda, and today we're going to talk about making necklaces with ribbon and thread. You can use any type of ribbon to make a necklace. Though using a washable ribbon makes a more durable necklace. For this project we're going to use a heavy weight thread, a heat source to seal your ribbon ends, ribbon, scissors and beads. First I'm going to use my candle to seal the ends of my ribbon. This will keep it from fraying. Hold the ribbon just above the flame, otherwise it might singe. Next find the middle of your ribbon. Then we're going to go a few inches up, gauge where you'd like to start if you just want the beads to be right down the middle. We can make it fairly narrow. Then I'm going to take my needle and go through the back of the ribbon. Pulling it almost all the way through. Then I'm going to go back through the front. To knot it off I'm going to take my thread and go through the loop once and then twice. And then pull it tight. Now you have a secure knot and you can clip off the tail. Now make sure you're working with the longer piece of ribbon. And I'm going to take a bead, put my needle through it. And then pinching about half an inch of the ribbon I'm going to pass it through both ends. Pull your thread tight, put another bead on your thread and then do the exact same thing. Pay attention to what side of thread you're using. You want to make sure that you continue to work with the longer piece of ribbon. It's easy to get mixed up. Keep going until you're happy with the length of your run of beads. Once you're done beading, make sure you've pulled your thread tight. Going to go back through to the other side of the ribbon. Pull it tight and then to tie it off we're going to pass it back through the ribbon to create a loop. And then pass the needle through it twice. Pull your thread tight, that creates a nice tight knot. And then snip your thread. Now your beads are finished. Instead of using a clasp to put it around your neck, I'm just going to tie it in a pretty bow. There's nothing better than being able to design your own jewelry so you can get exactly what you want. Thanks for watching.


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