Easy-to-Make Christmas Ribbon Decorations

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Easy-to-make Christmas ribbon decorations include using different widths, colors and textures to your advantage. Learn about easy-to-make Christmas ribbon decorations with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Krayl Funch, and this is easy to make Christmas ribbon decorations. Now, we all have a lot of ribbon around our house. You may even have some from last year. So, what do you do with all this ribbon? Well, I'm here to talk to you about creating ribbon decorations that you can use on your table. So we're gonna be making a vase, wrapping the ribbon around the outside of the vase and in different layers to create a nice, nice look. So, what you're gonna need for this is three different ribbons, different widths and textures and colors, as well as a glue gun, some glue sticks and the a plain vase. Now make sure that your vase has straight sides, it doesn't necessarily need to be square, but the sides need to be straight so that it's not a tapered vase, otherwise the ribbon will not lie flat, okay? So now what I like to do is also work on this cork board so that your vase doesn't roll around too much. It also protects the surface from the glue stick. What we're gonna do is just start with this ribbon. Now I've already pre-measured this, but what you're gonna do is wrap it around. I would wrap it around approximately three times, that way it gives a lot of coverage, but it doesn't look too bulky. Alright? So we are gonna start off by just putting a little bit of glue right on the end of this ribbon. It really doesn't need a lot to have it adhere. Now, another benefit of this is that once you get sick of this ribbon combination, you can just pull it right off, 'cause the, the glue will just stick just to the ribbon and the glass, and then it can be pulled right off. So we're gonna start turning this around. The first row I like to keep level and flush with the bottom of the vase. Once you come crossed the end, or where you started, start to move up slightly. Then this goes around the second level, you're not quite at the top yet, you reach where you started again, and then move to the top. So now, this last ribbon is gonna go right around the top, and it's gonna be flush with the top of your vase. Okay. So, then you're gonna just glue that, okay? So we're gonna glue that real quick. Again, just getting a really, just a couple little dots there, and placing it on the ribbon, okay? And again, this will just stay fixed on there as long as you want, when you're ready to take it off you can do that. Now, what I like to do is wrap three different, so it gives a little bit of different texture and different length, okay? So this is a really nice grey one. It goes very nicely. What you're gonna do is start at the exact same place that the last one stopped. This creates just a seam in one place, as opposed to having seams all around the vase. So, you could wrap the second one around, continue around, gluing that on, and then adding a third one. This third one is really the accent piece. I've already pre-measured this as well, and you would just glue that on, again, starting right at the beginning. So that's your vase. Now, what you can also do is use this for plain votives. Votives, they come in, you can get them at your craft store, just a plain votive with no color, and then use a ribbon around this. For instance, this I've used a rally kind of Swiss feel for this one. The red ribbon. It can be a little bit thicker, make sure it does not go over the edge of the top of the votive, otherwise it becomes a fire hazard, and we don't want that. So, those are some really great way that you can use Christmas decoration and ribbon to brighten up your table, or this would also be a lovely gift to give someone as a hostess gift.


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