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Candle lights and Christmas trees can create quite the fire hazard if you're not careful. Make candle lights and Christmas trees the safe way with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I’m Krayl Funch, and this is how to decorate with candle lights and Christmas trees. Way back in the day, Christmas trees were decorated with actual candles, and the candles were attached to the bows of the trees. And, as you can imagine, this was quite a fire hazard! So, luckily, fast-forward to today. We have many different ways to decorate with candle lights and Christmas trees that do not require an open flame – specifically, speaking of battery-powered candle lights, and these are really a great way to decorate around a live Christmas tree, if you have a live Christmas tree. Now, always remember to keep your tree hydrated so that there is not a fire hazard. But, if you are decorating that evening, or for a special gathering, this is a great alternative. Another alternative or way to use candle lights with Christmas trees is mini Christmas trees. So, what I have here is a mini Christmas tree that I purchased, again, at a local craft store, that you can find. Now, this is not very festive or decorative, so once you pick up something like this – again, you could also pick this up at your local nursery, you could use a live tree. But, I love to incorporate birch wood. Now, birch wood is a really big trend. So, we want to put that right inside this great little birch wood box, and that just fits really snug in there. I have some additional faux greenery that we’ll just place around the base of that. And this way, it gives it the effect of live greenery, and it’s not quite a gap. And, what that also does is raises that platform. I think, one more piece. And then, I can put that – let me bring this over here – I can put this right in here, these little silver ornaments are great to decorate the bottom. And again, remember, you want to decorate from all sides. This tree might be in the center of a table. So, imagine walking around the table, and what it looks like from every angle. Now this, I think we can fit about five or six in here – just tuck those in there. And, you can use gold, you can use silver, you can use green or red – whatever goes with your décor or preference. Just make sure you fluff up the tree a little bit. There, we have our tree. Now, if you’re going to use this either on your mantle or down the center of your table, a nice thing to do is to group them. So, here I already have one completed. And, so you can see we have two. And then, mixing in the candle lights, and, once again, we’re using the battery-powered electric, so just staggering those. And this, we have three. And, you can imagine how this would look on a mantle, or right down the center of your table. I’ve also incorporated, again, with the birch wood, these birch wood stacked logs. So, I have some finished ones, but they’re very easy to put together. So, I have three. And, you’re just going to wrap them with a little bit of ribbon and tie them together. And, you can put this right down the center of your table, on your mantle, entranceway table, or a couch table. This would be nice and festive, and very safe. So, there you are! I’m Krayl Funch, and this is how to decorate with candle lights and Christmas trees.


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