How to Make a Thanksgiving Showpiece

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A Thanksgiving showpiece is a great way to bring color to your home throughout the entire season. Make a Thanksgiving showpiece with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Krayl Funch, and today we're going to talk about how to make a Thanksgiving showpiece. This showpiece can be placed on your dining room table, your hallway, your entrance table, and will bring life and color throughout the entire season. So, we want to talk about what items you can bring in from your local farmer's market or supermarket, that you can start to assemble to create this show piece. I love to use artichokes, white mini pumpkins, gourds, some mixed leaves, as well as other gourds in various colors, the orange and green are awesome, and also some acorns and dried tree fruit. So I'm gonna go ahead and start with the Indian corn, and I layer in the Indian corn and using their husks to create a nice base and foundation for the basket. So if we start layering those in, you can get a nice feel for, some you want them point up with the, the corn up, and then some you'll point with the husks in the lower portion, and then go ahead and layer in your leaves. The leaves I like to mix and match them with the red as well as the yellow so that it looks very natural. And these are preserved leaves, but if you have a great oak tree outside your house, go ahead and grab them from your yard. Once those are in, you can start with some of the larger items. These artichokes are decent size, so you can go ahead and start putting those in. Mix them in nicely, separate them a little bit, and then with the larger gourds again, just starting to stack those in the base like that. You're gonna mix in the orange and the white. Now, remember, when you're creating this, that people may be able to see it from every angle, so don't create it with one front in mind, create it being able to see it from every angle. All the gourds get mixed in there, and then you're gonna start taking some of the wheat and sticking those in there. Now if they come in a longer, taller version, make sure you get your scissors out and just cut them. So you want about three or four inches and those will fit nicely in just tucked right in there, and those help fill in the gaps. Once you have those all set, then you're gonna start to look at your acorns. I like to pour them in my hand and then pour them in the open areas, as opposed to dumping them all over top of it. That creates a little bit better visual appeal. And once you do that, you are all set. And I'm Krayl Funch, and thank you for joining me for this video today on how to create a Thanksgiving showpiece.


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