Stylish Ways to Lengthen Jeans

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Stylish ways to lengthen jeans include lengthening them to capris length. Find out about stylish ways to lengthen jeans with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Klar. Stylish ways to lengthen jeans. Sometimes if you've moved on to a capris style, or perhaps your legs are beautiful and long, you might need to lengthen them. Here's some tricks. I'm imagining the main reason could be perhaps a girl or guy growing up, and they've gotten too tall for their jeans, or some sort of hand-me-down situation, or if you happen to be just a long legged lassie, and you can't seem to find jeans long enough for you. I wouldn't recommend lengthening like capris length or a stylishly intended short jean, only because it's just too much length to cover, and there is a lot to be said for the cut of the jean down there, that it's sort of a tricky thing to do. So, I would say it's much easier to pull off adding an inch or two on a normal set of jeans. Now, your normal jean hem doesn't have a lot of fabric in it that you can pull out and then lengthen by that. Not to mention a lot of the jean finishes, the washes, things like that, are done after the jeans are completely made, and so a lot of times when you let out that hem, it's a different color, it doesn't look the same as the rest of the jeans, so depending on the aesthetic, if you like that look, go for it. If not, here's a little tip. So a fun way to add length to your jeans, I think, is to go to a trim store near you. Trim, craft, fabrics, anything like that, and get something that's in the inch to two-inch range. You're gonna want to have the trim set on the outside of the fabric. Leave the hem as it is, you don't want to mess with undoing it and whatever, because it will unravel. So just have the trim set on top, and you're gonna put it on a zig-zag stitch. So you're gonna have about a medium zig-zag and a medium length stitch. So here's our finished product. As you can see, the nice thing about a trim is that it's more or less self hemmed, so you don't have to worry about any additional hems or anything like that. You just plop that stuff on, finish it up at one of the side seams, and you're good to go, and it's kind of fun and different.


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