How to Make a Hand-Sewn Eyelet in Fabric

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Making a hand-sewn eyelet in fabric is going to require you to have access to a few key tools, like a really sharp pencil to make a very precise hole. Make a hand-sewn eyelet in fabric with help from a seamstress, designer, costumer, tailor and small-business owner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there this is Mo of Mo West Creations. Toda,y I'm going to show you how to make a hand sewn eyelet in fabric. So we're going to use this little piece of fabric and to start you want to make your hole. A really sharp pencil works really well for this. Just find where you want your hole and poke through and twist. Try to be moving the fabric out of the way. The threads out of the way more than actually ripping a hole in the fabric. Thicker thread works better for this. Embroidery floss is great because it's really thick but it can be a little fussy with all the strings. So you can also use button thread or top stitching thread works pretty well, too. If you're using embroidery floss a single strand will be fine. However if you are using something thinner you probably want to sew with double thread. So the first thing you do is come up from the back of your eyelet, fairly close to the hole. Pull it all the way through and then go back down through the hole. Then you're going to take your needle and push it back through the threads right under your knot. This is going to secure your thread in place. Take your needle and put it back through right about where that other stitch came out. Now take the thread there and hold it in place and then go down through the hole and back up right next to that first stitch. Now the trick is making sure that this thread from your last stitch is going under your needle when it's coming back out from the fabric. And that's going to create that blanket stitch. The temptation here is to then go down through the fabric, but you always want to go down through the hole. Down through the hole and then back up just a little over from that last stitch. Making sure that your thread from before is going right under that needle tip as it's coming back out of the fabric. Pull through and pull it tight. So you continue around like that and then once you get to the end of your circle you're going to make your final down through the hole, up through the fabric, over the thread. Just go down through the fabric, and tie it off on the end. And there you have it. You can do your stitches closer together. I was doing them sort of wide so that you could see how they should look, but that is how you hand sew an eyelet in fabric. This has been Mo of Mo West Creations. Ciao.


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