Blueberry Dessert With a Pecan Crust & Cream Cheese Filling

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Blueberry desserts with pecan crust and cream cheese filling come in several different layers. Make a blueberry dessert with pecan crust and cream cheese filling with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Angie from Angie's Southern Kitchen. And today, we're going to learn how to make a blueberry dessert with a pecan crust and a cream cheese filling. This dessert comes in several different layers. Our first layer is a cookie bottom, and in this, it has one cup of flour, one stick of butter, a quarter cup powdered sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla and one cup of pecans. And we mix all that together and it's kind of like a shortbread cookie crust. And you put that in the bottom and you cook it for 20 minutes. And then, the next layer, layer number two, is our fresh blueberries. You're going to take one cup of cold water, and you have two, excuse me, one heaping tablespoon of cornstarch. And you want to mix that in the cold water, because if you put it in there when it starts heating, it will lump up, so get it while it's cold. And go ahead and kind of sort of mix that together, then you can add the rest of your ingredients. We have two teaspoons of vanilla, and I always use vanilla paste because it has more of an intense flavor. You need a pinch of salt, a quarter stick of butter and then, we're going to add one cup of regular granulated sugar. And I've got half cup, so I'll have to have two, one, two and this makes a full cup. And then, we're adding four cups of blueberries. And then, we're going to cook this in a sauce till the blueberries burst and it gets thick and blue. We are making our cream cheese layer and in my mixer, I've got my two eight ounces of Philadelphia cream cheese and I've got a quarter stick of butter. And I'm going to cream this together and then, I'm going to add the other ingredients. This is my vanilla and this is two cups of powdered sugar, we're adding it to our cream cheese mixture. And I'm going to start this mixer a couple of times around and then, I'm going to add the Cool Whip. O.k., we've got now, our cookie crust cooked and you can see it's baked. And our next step is, we're going to add our cream mixture and you want to kind of even that, put it in here evenly. You can be somewhat generous, because that's the best part, and i'ts a cream cheese mixture. We've got two of the same size, so I want to put half of it in this dish and half of it in another dish. Then, once you get finished layering it, you better it all back in the refrigerator and let it get cool. So, it'll set up and then, you can slice it. O.k., we've made our cookie crust and then, on top of our cookie crust, we have made a cream cheese layer. And then, on top of the cream cheese layer, we have our blueberries that have been cooked down. And then, we put those on top and then, we sprinkle our fresh blueberries on top. Again, this is Angie from Angie's Southern Kitchen, and you have just learned how to make a blueberry dessert with a pecan crust and a cream cheese filling.


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