How to Cook Sweet Italian Sausage Links

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The secret to cooking sweet Italian sausage links rests with how long you simmer or boil the meat. Cook sweet Italian sausage links with help from a Certified Executive Chef and Certified Chef de Cuisine in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Bongiorno, my name is Mirko Loeffler, I'm the chef, owner of Mirko's A Taste Of Europe in Voorhees, New Jersey. Many people ask me, chef, how do we do Italian sweet sausage links? Well, let's do our sausage. First thing, you take the mild/sweet Italian sausage links. I've got a pot of cold water, put your sausage links all in it, and let's turn it on, get this all going. Our sausages are now simmering or boiling, we're going to remove them, they have such a beautiful flavor. So, I'm going to put this away and I'm going to take a saute pan, in it is some olive oil, virgin, extra virgin olive oil. The sausages are now almost three quarters to almost done, they are still juicy inside, because we hit them in liquid. Right now, our pan is going to get nice and hot, turn the heat up a little bit. Let's put the sausage in here. So, while we're waiting for our sausage to get nice golden brown now, we're going to start our onions. One one side, we're going to put all nice onions, nicely big cubed, and I'm going to add my garlic into it. Don't overcook your sausage, you don't want to have a dried sausage. Just give it some good color, just like we do now, golden brown. Our onions are now caramelizing, that means they're getting a little bit brown. Oh, my goodness, now, the sausages are now releasing a little bit of the juices. So, now, they're getting the onions flavoring the sausage, but the sausage, flavoring of the sausage is now flavoring the onions. So, we have some really good stuff going on here. Now, we're going to finish this up now, with some peppers, we put our peppers, and we don't want to put the peppers too early. Pepper's got a lot of sugar, so we don't want to burn them, but we don't want to overcook the meat up. We want to have still a little bit of crunch on there, you got to need a little bit of pepper. I prefer cracked black pepper and a little bit of kosher salt. I love a little bit of cumin, it's like a melody, it's a song, it's beautiful. I finish it up with some nice, flat parsley or some basil, it's o.k. Oh, we've got some action going here, now this is real, real cooking, I'm telling you, you've just got to keep it all in the pan. Our sausages are now great, our peppers just cooked, hit, beautiful. I'm going to plate this up right now. I'm so excited, I'm so crazy about this, I love sausages, I'm born German, what can you say? But look at these sausages, aren't they gorgeous? Look at this, ah, this is gorgeous, right here, like this. Once you're done cooking, always turn off the flames. Let's put this all over, all over it goes, all over it. The sweetness, the sweetness of the peppers, look at this. This, where are you? There they are, sausages made in heaven. What can I say, this is molto bene, mangia. My name is Mirko Loeffler for Mirko's A Taste Of Europe in Voorhees, New Jersey. Visit my website on, and you'll find much more just like this. So, buon appetito, I'll see you soon, again.


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