Ideas for Crafts for Kids on Mother's Day

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Sometimes a craft for kids that they can do on Mother's Day is the best way to show a mother how much a child really cares. Get ideas for crafts for kids on Mother's Day with help from a crafts expert with over fifteen years of experience in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Holly Silva, and I've been a crafts expert for about 15 years now, and today I'm going to show you some easy craft ideas for kids on Mother's Day. What I have here is pieces of tissue paper. We're going to make some flowers for mom. If you are a kid and you don't have access or money to go buy flowers or you don't have a flower garden, then this is a great way to do, to make her some flowers that are never going to die and area always going to be beautiful and mom can keep them around for as long as she can because you know, gifts like that moms usually keep around for a long time because they were made with your little hands. Moms love that. So we're just going to cut some squares out of the tissue paper and stack them on top of one another, two squares each is enough really. Okay so you're going to do, if you are using two pieces of paper you're going to layer them, okay, or two colors of paper rather, you're going to layer them. So I'm laying down the fuchsia first and then I'm laying down the pink and then I will do fuchsia again and then pink. Now the corners don't have to match up. In fact, it's actually better if they don't match up. So what you are going to do is grab them in the center and pull them all up there and cut a small hole. Okay, now grab from the bottom and that should have made a hole all the way through. See there's my finger, okay. Now what we're going to do is grab this green wire. It's a pipe cleaner is what they are called and make a little round knot inside, okay. Now you want to make the knot a little bit bitter than the hole, that's why you want to a small hole for your tissue paper but it doesn't matter really because what you're going to do is grab it around the bottom and grab your double stick tape and wrap the double stick tape around your stem, the green piece that's going to be your stem. Alright, just like that. Now you scrunch it up just like this so you can still see a little bit of the stem inside and pull it up through the top, grab some more double stick tape, a nice decent piece, you know, maybe like a two inch piece or something, just to wrap around the bottom to secure everything so it stays crinkly and flower form and the double stick tape why we use this is because it will stick to itself and it will stick together and it will hold that beautiful little crinkly that little crinkly look. And that my friends is a Mother's Day craft. You can use any colors you would like, even blue, use your imagination. Mom is going to love it no matter what as long as you put your heart and soul into it because that's how much she loves you and don't ever forget that. Have a Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your time with your mom. It's very special. We'll see you next time.


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