How to Cut Heart Doilies From Paper Napkins

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Cutting heart doilies from paper napkins requires a steady hand and just the right amount of know-how. Cut heart doilies from paper napkins with help from a crafts expert with over fifteen years of experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Holly Silva, and I’ve been a crafts expert for about 15 years now. And today, I’m going to show you how to make use of those fast food napkins that you keep in your car. You can take them inside this time, or you can keep them in the bag and take them home. So, here we go. Alright, so, I’ve got just a typical really thin paper napkin. Going to open it up, and usually it’s folded in half, right? There it goes, it’s folded in half. So, we’re going to keep it in half because we’re going to do something fun. Now, you can make – I don’t know how you are as far as, you know, being able to cut around hearts, you may want to trace it. I’ve been, you know, doing this for a while, so my hearts are okay. I’ve seen people do better, but sometimes it’s better just off the cuff, you know? Okay, so I’m cutting, cutting, cutting, that’s what I’m doing here. It’s going to be a nice big one. Okay, open it up, because you don’t want to do all of this work if it’s a lopsided heart, okay? So, make sure that it’s a nice heart, if you can open it up. Oh yeah, there it goes. It’s a pretty decent heart, huh? See? We can do anything if we put our minds to it. Throw the other stuff to the side. Now, because this already has folds, we’re going to take advantage of the folds and we’re going to keep it folded. So, but what we’re going to do here is we’re going to take these little folds and we’re going to cut little pieces into them, okay? Now, these, as long as we’re cutting on a fold, will be okay. But, if you’re cutting all the way through a side, you’re going to kind of mess up the side. So, just cut in all these little designs. Now, if this is for kids, if this is a project that you’re doing with kids, you want to use scissors. But, if it’s an adult project, an X-Acto knife is much better, because you can be so much more creative with it. In fact, if you’re doing it with kids and the kids want something fun, make sure that they ask the adults to do that, because it does make it a lot faster – a lot faster, a lot cleaner, and a lot more creative. So, I’m just making little triangles in it, just for the sake of time – your time, because it’s precious, I know that. Oops! I ripped it. That’s okay! That’s completely fine, because it’s going to make a different design. You can’t really mess up on crafts – that’s the thing, you just improvise. You just make it work. So, here we have, you open it up, and actually, you know what? I’ll just show you the finished product. Whatever you do, do not cut so much down the center of your heart, because that’s going to destroy your heart. You don’t want to destroy your heart. Okay, so, now I’m, like, just scalloping the ends – that’s what they call this particular cut, scallops – you know, like potatoes or like scallops the actual seafood. Oh my gosh, I love scallops, that sounds so good right now! Some scallops with some white wine sauce. Alright, make sure that you do not cut off the bottom of your heart, because if you cut off the bottom of your heart, then it’s not a heart, it’s just, like, an oblong something. So, there’s that. What do you think? Look at this, I’m going to stick this under here so you can really see what it looks like. Check that out. It is a heart-shape doily. Very simple. That’s the heart-shape doily. I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you have a great time doing it. Be careful, be very safe – I can’t stress that enough when you’re using an X-Acto knife, or really anything else. If you have any questions on this or anything else, let us know. We’d love to help you out. See you next time.


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