Remaking a Bead Bracelet

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Remaking a bead bracelet is going to require you to have access to a few very important tools. Learn about remaking a bead bracelet with help from a crafts expert with over fifteen years of experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holly Silva and I've been a Crafts Expert for about 15 years now. Today, I'm going to show you how to remake a beaded bracelet. Now, this particular beaded bracelet we have made of wire. And, oops, oh no, what just happens? We lost our beads. Right? That's what happens when you, when you have to fix a beaded bracelet. Now, what I'm going to show you is going to be the same whether it's made out of wire or string or leather or wood. It doesn't matter. You are going to take a look at what type of beads are on it and you're going to assess the situation. You're going to be like, "Hmm, you know what, I really like this bracelet, but I wasn't too fond of the colors so much. I, I think it could have used like a little more, I don't know, say brown." So, guess what, you grab your brown beads and you pour them out on the table, like so and you grab whatever end; now, if it's a, if it's a string bracelet, you have to grab like a, a needle with an eye through it, so then you stick the thread or whatever, the string through the needle and you can just bead it through that, it's so much easier than trying to like, I don't know, squeeze it over. You get the idea. But, because we're using wire today, it acts as its own needle. So, you just poke them through, just stick through the beads. I really like beaded bracelets because they're colorful, they're fun. Usually, they're handmade, so somebody made them for you, and so, there's usually lots of love in it 'cause nobody does bead work unless they love it. Right? So, here we are with some other colored beads. I chose these, I chose these little amber colored beads. I really like the color amber, I think it's very soothing. Oh, by the way, you can grab these beads anywhere pretty much, as long as they have craft, craft goods at the store, where there's like a Walmart or Walgreens maybe. I don't know if they carry those things, but, but, you can certainly find them there. This one came out of just a little vial. They're probably only, I think they're only about $2.00 maybe. Maybe even less like a $1.17 or something. And so, there that is. Now, I'm not going to complete this whole thing because it's time consuming and I don't want to consume your time because it's precious. So, I'm going to show you how to close it. So, on a wire bracelet, this one happens to be a wrap around bracelet, like so. But, at the very end of it, what you're going to do is create a loop and you can do this with your hands if you're using a craft wire or you can use, if you're using a stronger craft wire, a thicker gauge, you can also use a needle, needle nose plier, which is one of the fond tools at home 'cause you can do pretty much anything a plier needs with it. And you wrap it around like so and your wire bead bracelet is fixed. Now, if it happens to be a string bracelet, all you would do is like tie a knot or if it's a, if it's a, like a fishing string or something plastic, you would probably just cauterize it, or maybe you know, tie a knot depending on the sides of the beads. Or, you can wrap another bead around it and you know, make it really cool. You can figure it out, you're smart. We, we all have these wonderful capabilities and you're going to enjoy it. So, there's your bead bracelet. Let us know if you have any question on this or anything else. And we would be so glad to help you out. See you next time.


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