Snowflake Cupcake Holder Crafts

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Snowflake cupcake holder crafts are a great, fun project to overtake on a rainy day. Make snowflake cupcake holder crafts with help from a crafts expert with over fifteen years of experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Holly Silva and I've been a crafts expert for about fifteen years now. Today, we're going to make cupcake holders. Now these aren't the typical cupcake holders. These are special cupcake holders. So, what we're going to do is, well let me show you first. First we have these really cool little snowflakes. I bought them at the 99 Cent Store. You can get them in all different sizes. It comes in a pack of I think like fifteen or something. But they're meant for ornaments but they have these little strings on them. I just cut the string off. So, I grabbed here a piece of red construction paper because it really pops. Now what you're going to do is pick up the paper and cut around the snowflake here at an angle. I like to keep it kind of like a, I like the word catty-corner. I don't know why. I don't even know where is comes from. If somebody could look it up and let me know what that means, then please do. Actually please don't because I don't really care, I just would rather say it. And then you just cut around it like so. You know, just make it cool. Just make it a little fancy, nothing crazy. Make it crazy if you want. It's your project. Do as you like. We're going to do that and maybe cut off just a little bit of a corner here and a little triangle here. I love holiday crafts. I think one of the best things about holidays is the whole baking and crafting aspect of it. Because it's about using your creativity for something pretty. Because there's so much joy around the holidays. I mean even if you know, your family isn't joyful then there's still certainly reason to be joyful about it. Like the time that you get to spend by yourself doing these crafts in complete quite or you know, maybe you turn on some music. I personally love music. As I'm filming this I can't use any music because you wouldn't be able to hear me. And it would just be like, wha, wha, wha, wha. It would be really weird, so we don't do that. But I grabbed some double stick tape and hopefully, hopefully it cuts on the edge like it should, and stick it to the back of a snowflake. Now it doesn't really matter with these particular ones, what side the back is because they're double sided, just like the tape. And we're going to, I mean you could do every single side if you want. I'm just doing these, and try to keep it, try to keep it to the places that are going to be hidden, because if you don't, I don't know, you might get cupcake frosting on it or something that's going to stick and it's not going to be pretty. So let's stick it there, like so. It's not perfect but it's cool looking, if I say so myself. And then you stick a cupcake on it. Whaa, cupcake holder and that is the cupcake holder. I hope you enjoyed it. You can use any type of crafting items that you want to do this. You can use Cricut, you can use construction paper, you can use you know, things that you bought at the 99 Cent Store, you can make snowflakes. The main thing is, be creative, have a good time doing it. I know I did. Happy Holidays.


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