Boyfriend Bracelet Craft Ideas

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Bracelets aren't just for girls - they can be a great way to show your significant other how much you really care. Get boyfriend bracelet craft ideas with help from an experienced crafts expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Holly Silva, and I have been a crafts expert for about 15 years now, and today we are going to make that my air drum roll, I know it was bad. But we're going to make bracelets for your boyfriends. Or one. However many you have. Let's go. I have here a piece of leather. It's just a little leather strap or a little piece of leather string. You can get them really at any craft store. You don't have to use leather for this. You can use any type of ribbon as long as it's kind of masculine. You don't want any shiny satin things like that, you want more like strings and threads, things like that. If you can find leathers, they're a little bit more expensive and you can find leathers for probably I don't know maybe a spool for maybe four or five, six, seven dollars. But like I said, thread is a lot cheaper and most people already have these things at home. So since you're making it for your boyfriend, you want to make it like a pretty masculine or at least fun depending on who he is. Because he's your boyfriend. You know who he is. So what you want to do is this one is long enough to make wrap around a couple of times depending on the size of his wrist. So you just usually want to hold it here in the center with a nice little piece on the edge that can use to tie. And this will work perfectly here. All right. That's about a good size. And what you're going to do is just tie the end here in to a knot but this type of knot that you want to do is going to be the type of knot that it can come out if you need it to but not if you don't want it to. So just put them together and make a little loop and stick them through the loop. Stick both ends rather through the loop. If you can see it. I'm having a little bit of a difficulty here. And there we go. All right. So just pull both edges out through the knot. And it'll wrap around and normally you want to tie it on to the wrist. But there, it fits perfectly. Boyfriend bracelet. There it was, simple, easy, guys are simple. Guys are easy. You just make them something they like and they'll love it. Don't ask too much for it, just know that they're going to enjoy it. If you have questions on this or anything else, or if you boyfriends have a question on that or anything else, send them our way, we'll help them out. See you next time.


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