Craft Ideas for "The Hundred Dresses"

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"The Hundred Dresses" is a young adult's book that is really popular right now. Get craft ideas for "The Hundred Dresses" with help from an experienced crafts expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holly Silva, and I've been a crafts expert for about 15 years now. Today, we're going to make a craft for the book The Hundred Dresses. Let's get started. We're going to make a craft project for one hundred dresses which is a not really a children's book but it's certainly a young adult's book. So what we're going to do is we have this really pretty netting and it's over a very vibrant piece of tissue paper. So we grab it up in the center and what we're going to do is pull up just a piece in the center and cut just a little tiny slice off the top. Now from that we are going to take these bottle cleaners. They're really fuzzy, you can buy them at any craft store really they're a lot of fun. They come in all different colors. But what we're going to do is you're going to grab three of them and stick that through the hole that you just created. All right. Now bunch it up because this is going to be a dress. That's what we're making. We're going to make a dress. So slide it up a little over halfway to the top of the pipe cleaners because this is going to be our underside. OK. So make sure that it's nice and neat up here. Now what we're going to do is pull some craft wire down there and we're going to put all of this together. OK. And we're going to put it right about the top over here. Now this is going to be really cute because it's going to look like a little belt. Now you can use any type of ribbon or string that you want on top of it but I find that this craft wire makes it really nice and stable. OK. So just leave that there for now. OK. So what do you do with the bottom? Well these are going to be our legs. So we're going to use them as stands so fold them all about the same distance at the same length like this and it's going to be like a tripod. So we stand it here and if it doesn't stand properly that's OK because you can just bend these out and make sure that they do stand. All right. So we've got our little dress model here. Now what we're going to do is we're going to take these two and use them as arms. Very nice little arms. Fun little arms. And then this one we're going to use as a head. It's a very abstract little piece of artwork is what we're doing. Very long arms and that's OK. Because we use our arms for love. OK. Now what we're going to do is we're going to make this a gratitude dress. So find anything. Stickers, pieces of construction paper, anything like that and stick it on to the dress because these are going to be symbolic of the things we are grateful. Now this one here I found a bird, a nice little birdy with a nest. I'm thankful for nature and I have this other sticker that you can find these stickers anywhere at any craft store, any local retail store. I like food and drink. I like going to football games and things like that and that's a hot dog and drinks. So I'm thankful for that. And also stars or letters. Use a letter because you're thankful for somebody's name that starts with a T or a J or anything like that. And make it yours. And that is your gratitude dress for one hundred dresses. There it was. I hope you enjoy your craft just as much as I enjoyed making mine. Remember you can use any colors and any materials as you like. Just stay with the same principles and it's so much fun for one or two girls to a whole group of girls. Or boys too. Enjoy it. Have a great time. See you next time.


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