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Wall decor crafts are a great opportunity to really give your home a whole new look in the most creative way possible. Make wall decor crafts with help from an experienced crafts expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Holly Silva, and I’m a crafts expert of about 15 years. Today, we’re going to work on wall décor. Let’s get started. We’re going to make some paper flowers out of tissue paper, so what we’re going to do is grab it in the palm of your hand, like so, stick it in there like that. And, you’re just going to grab from the bottom and roll it over and around. So, now you have a pretty little flower. And, you’re going to grab some craft wire and pull it around the bottom, and twist it like so, just to get a nice little hold on it. Now, you have this little piece here at the bottom. What we’re going to do is we’re going to grab some double-stick tape, stick it to the bottom, and put it here on your poster board, anywhere you’d like. And, stick it down nice and firmly like that, and it should stay there, alright? So, we’re going to grab this other one and do the same thing. We’re going to make this one a little bit different. Alright, so, with the craft wire, like so. Again, doesn’t need to be fancy. Double-stick tape. Up at the top. And now, you have all of this free space on your poster board. You can do whatever you’d like on it. You can write something on it, you can say, “Happy Birthday, Mom!” But, we’re going to just do a nice little squiggly design with the pen. And, then you can grab another marker or you can grab anything you’d like and just pretty it up a little bit. It’s your project, do as you wish. If you have any questions, let us know. See you next time.


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