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Wall art decor is a great way to give each room in your home its own unique identity. Learn about wall art decor with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. My name is Gene, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator and I've been working in the industry for about 15 years and today we're going to take a look at some wall art decor. Let's get started. Alright, so I'm going to show you how to do a quick little stencil that you can get the kids and everybody can make their own stencil and what we'll do then is, you know maybe in a like a nursery or if you're in a classroom or something like that. There are two ways you can do it ether you could use the stencil and paint right on the wall or you could cover your walls in, they sell these large rolls of paper in like Target and, you know Walmart or where ever, craft stores and just cover the wall in large sheets of paper that you get on the roll. And then everybody can just walk around and you can stencil, you can paint the wall completely and not worry about getting it actually on your wall and ruining the value of your house, but let's get to the stencil part. So just get a regular piece of construction paper, I'm using yellow here and a darker color so that it'll show up, in fact I'm going to get an even darker color, so I can be sure it shows up on camera. And what you do then is just take a basic shape and for now we're going to go with just a circle, but we're going to add to this circle with a smaller circle on top and I'm just going to keep going with the circles, bam a bunch of circles. And then I'm going to add some rectangles, whhtt! You got to make sound effects when you draw because you got to have a little bit of fun. Now don't worry too much about going out of the lines or you know, you can use some squiggles, you can make a mess over here, it doesn't really matter, because the important part is that you have a basic foundation for what you're going to be cutting out. Now remember you're going to be covering this entire drawing in paint anyway so you can use it as a stencil. Okay, so anyway you get the general idea. All we're really interested in is the out side edge of this. Now for speeds sake I'm going to use an X-Acto Knife, but I would recommend child safety scissors, but again just, whoops that's the wrong X-Acto Knife, but just for, for speed sake I'm going to cut this entire thing out with an X-Acto Knife because I want to the, to the technique and just prove to you how simple this stencil can be and you can throw it right on your wall, you can be done in a matter of minutes. And then you can help your child or children if you're a teacher or you run like say a daycare or anything like that, you can help then other children with theirs. Now I also highly recommend that you use some images maybe, you know search the Internet for some, I don't know some teddy bears or dinosaurs or you know, Pokemon or Sponge Bob or what ever the kids are into these days. What ever those new little whipper snappers are in to. What is that, that Poker Man? Now their playing five card draw and it's on television, but you got to collect them all, I don't know what it is. Okay, so there you go, I just cut out that little teddy bear and as you can see it's still basically a teddy bear shape. What you want to do then is just grab another sheet of paper and what the heck, I'm going to grab black for now so you can absoultly see what's on the bottom here. And so we've got our little teddy bear shape, I'm also going to use, I keep washable finger paint around, all you have to do is press this against the other paper or the wall and just even grab your finger. Now you see I just kind of spilled over there and I'm going to address that in a second and just bam, cover right over and if you spill any over the lip make sure you peal that off just like I did and just fill in the stencil area as best you can. And finger painting every kid loves to finger paint and I don't think I've ever met a child who doesn't like getting a little bit messy, doesn't like covering the entire Earth in finger paints. You know if you really want to teach them stuff you can have them go the, the same direction, teach them a little finger painting technique, a little finger painting style, but it doesn't matter, the more important part is you just have fun with it. And then once you have that and say this was on the wall, on a piece of paper or something, you peal up your stencil and bam! You've got a little teddy bear there and you can do that over and over, you can cut out different stencils and you know just let this dry off and you have, you have it to pay over with again. So there you go that's the probably the fastest way I know to cover a nursery or a elementary school or what ever, a wall in some, some finger paints and the kids can help out. So there's some wall art decor. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and thanks for watching.


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