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Bungee bookmark crafts are a great, easy way to spend a little time doing something creative. Learn about bungee bookmark crafts with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everybody. My name is Gene. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I've been working in the industry for about 15 years and today we're going to take a look at a real interesting way, quick way to mark the place that you are reading in your book. Let's check it out. Alright so the cool thing about bungee cord like this bungee cord that I have right here, is that I bought this little rooster parrot chicken guy at a craft store for about 99 cents so it's a quick little inexpensive way that you can make, you know, just a fun little bookmark for your kids or I don't know what this thing is. Tie one side of your bungee cord around the center of your parrot chicken rooster thing and then or anything that's you know like this size or you can make some other kinds of crafts like make some flower crafts, check out some of our other videos to make different flower crafts and then I'm going to tie the bungee cord, the other side to itself. You can use this whole thing as a bookmark. Now I wouldn't recommend putting the stuffed animal side inside the book right, but you could put it outside the book and then say this is your book here, so you've got the page that you want to keep it at, you just do one of those and you've got your little bookmark guy on the outside and he's just chilling out and you've got yourself a little bungee bookmark. So that's all there is to it, there's a lot of stuff you can find in the craft store that you can attach a bungee cord to and you can just you know, strap it around the outside of your book and whatever page you're on you can keep your place and you know, decorate your book as well. So thanks for watching, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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