DIY Clay Nose Eyeglass Holder

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Making your own do it yourself clay nose eyeglass holder is a really fun project that will also come in handy in a practical way. Make a do it yourself clay nose eyeglass holder with help from a ceramic artist and instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Beth Fleischer, and today we're going to make this nose eyeglass holder from clay. So, we're going to start by taking a piece of clay and make a nose. You can attach your nose to really any sort of shape you want. This one here is made from a cup. You can use a little, you know, square piece of clay, a block, whatever is easy for you to do. We're going to start by making the nose. So, a good way to start the nose is to make a triangle and just kind of smooth it out as you go and start making one end a little bit longer for the tip of the nose, and the back is going to be flat. And you want to keep this part here a little bit thick. And then you're going to want to bring some on the sides out for the nostrils. Okay. So, that's pretty good nose right there and that's going to fit nicely right on that. So, what you're going to need to attach this nose to this cup is some slip, a paintbrush and something sharp. So, I'm going to use this as a needle tool and I'm going to just scratch the surface of this. Take a paintbrush, dip it in some slip and slip is just some of your clay mix with water. Paint that on. Then, I'm going to do the same thing to the back of your nose. Just scratch that a little bit, right where it's going to attach. Add just a little bit more of my slip and I'm going to push that in and come inside this cup and push. Make sure I have a good joint so that it doesn't fall off. And then, you just want to follow the directions for the clay you have. If it's oven-baked clay that you're making at home, you can go ahead and put in, let it dry out and put it in your oven to bake and if it goes in the kiln, you want to go ahead do that now. When you're finished, then you can glaze and paint this anyway that you want. If you have, use the oven-baked clay, you want to use acrylic paints and glaze if it goes in the kiln. This one has a little mustache which would be great for a father's day gift. And if you make it like this with the cup, you can put pencils in and make it a pencil holder, change cup, that sort of thing. So, that is your nose eyeglass holder. I'm Beth, and thank you for watching.


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