How to Make Saturn Out of Clay

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When making Saturn out of clay, you're always going to want to keep a few important things in mind. Make Saturn out of clay with help from a ceramic artist and instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Beth Fleischer, and today we are going to make Saturn out of clay, so we're going to make Saturn and his rings. So what we're going to need is is some clay, what ever modeling clay you want to use, you going to need some slip, if you're using ceramic clay which is just clay clay mixed with water into a paste. So to make Saturn we're going to need two pinch pots that we're going to put together to form a ball. So a pinch pot, you want to start with just a little handful of clay, depending on what size you're trying to make and pinch your fingers in the middle, your thumbs pushing and pinching it around. You can also make one by using, I have a little wooden form here or you can use a tennis ball wrapped in plastic and push it over your form and that will also help you get your rounded shape, you just need it to be basically half of a ball. And you're going to need two of them, you going to take a little bit of slip, paint it around here and put the two halves together. Once you get them together you're going to smooth one half into the other, just by taking your thumb and your finger and going all the way around. Rather than taking one big piece of clay and making a ball you want to do the two pinch pots and put them together so that they're, for one it's going to be a lot lighter and second the having a big piece of clay that thick is likely to crack, ether while it's drying or in the kiln, while it's firing for sure. The one thing you want to make sure you do when you do it this way and you are going to fire it a kiln is you need to put an air hole so you're going to take something sharp when your finished and just poke a little hole in it to let the air escape in the kiln, otherwise it will blow apart. Once your ball is created you are going to use a paddle to help it get into a really round smooth shape, so if you don't have a paddle like this you can also use a wooden spatula, something like that and if you just gently hit it all the way around, you'll see it start to smooth it out and you can really get that round shape, better than if you were just using your hands. Okay, now we have our ball for Saturn and we're going to make our rings. So you're going to want to roll out just a long strip of clay and if you try and bend this around here it's probably going to crack so in order to get this strip of clay to wrap around your ball you're going to need to cut darts out of it. So you're going to just start at one end and cut little triangles out about an inch apart all the way down your strip. Okay, so now you have your darts and you can see how much easier it is to coax that clay into a round shape. So we're going to now take that and wrap it around your Saturn. First we're going to measure it so we know how much to cut off so we'll take off the ends. Start to smooth these darts into each other, okay so now we'll go ahead and attach that. Just take your thumb and start to smooth the underneath part of that ring onto your planet. So once your ring is on your going to take a coil of clay wrap it around underneath and you're going to smooth that onto your ring and your planet and that's just going to give it a little bit more support. Now that your ring is attached you can go ahead and set it aside, let it dry and then depending on what kind of clay you have ether glaze it or paint it. I'm Beth Fleischer and thank you for watching.


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