How to Get a Glazed Pottery Look With Acrylic Paint

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Getting that glazed pottery look with acrylic paint requires a very specific technique and a steady hand. Get a glazed pottery look with acrylic paint with help from a ceramic artist and instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Beth Fleischer, and today I'm going to show you how to get a glazed pottery look using acrylic paints. So you're going to need a couple of paint brushes and some acrylic paint, so what ever color you want to use and we'll start by squirting a little in there and you want to give about maybe two good coats to get a good finish on that so just go ahead and coat your pot with your acrylic paint. So you want to make sure you get a good solid coating on there and it's good to do one coat in one direction and then your second coat in another direction. So with acrylic paint you want to remember that it's not durable as far of eating off of, you don't want to put any wet foods in there, it's just mostly for decoration or light use and with a really good sealer you wouldn't want to leave it outside ether. Once you've finished painting your piece with the acrylic paint you're going to let that dry, it should take maybe an hour or so, you want it completely dry before we put on our varnish. So now that your acrylic paint is dried we need to apply a top coat that's going to give it the shine like the ceramic glaze. So we're going to pour some of that in here and brush that on, so this is an acrylic varnish, it's going to protect your piece and give it a little bit of shine. And you can see it's starting to get shiny, it looks a little bit milky when it wet, but when it dries it's going to be crystal clear and shiny. This varnish is going to protect your piece and give it a shine, but you want to keep it in mind it's still not food safe, you wouldn't want to put any liquid in here and eat out of this. It's really just for decoration only. If you want to make dishes you can eat out of you would want to use ceramic glaze on ceramic clay that you fire in a kiln. So now we'll let that dry. So here you have the glazed look using acrylic paints. So, I'm Beth and thank you for watching.


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