Brushing a Glaze on Pottery

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Brushing a glaze on pottery isn't nearly as difficult as you'd think, so long as you have a few tools like a banding wheel. Learn about brushing a glaze on pottery with help from a ceramic artist and instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Beth Fleischer, and today we're going to talk about how to brush glaze on your pottery. So you're going to need your ceramic glaze, a paint brush, a banding wheel is helpful. And let's get started. So the first thing you want to do is just mix up your ceramic glaze and start to apply. You want to do one coat in one direction. And you usually need about three coats but you can read the directions on your particular glaze to see exactly how many. After your first coat has been applied you want to let that dry for about ten to fifteen minutes and then go ahead and apply your second coat in the opposite direction of your first coat. So if your first coat was side to side, your second coat will go up and down. Some pottery glaze you dip on and then some is formulated for brushing. If you're going to brush your glaze on you want to make sure you have one that is formulated for brushing. Glaze that's formulated for dipping does not have certain additives that make it much easier to brush on. It dries very quickly and you'll have a hard time getting it brushed on. You also want to make sure not to glaze the underside where it's going to get fired in the kiln. If you do get some on well just go ahead and wipe it off before it goes in the kiln, with some water and a sponge. In order to get into the center of this pot since it's very narrow, you can take a little bit of your glaze, water it down just a little bit, pour it into a funnel, kind of mix it around and then pour it out and let it sit upside down for about ten seconds to make sure you get all the glaze out of the inside. And that is how you brush glaze onto a piece of pottery. When you're finished you fire it according to the clay and glaze that you have and when you're finished you'll have a beautiful piece of glazed pottery. I'm Beth Fleischer and thanks for watching.


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