How to Cook Italian Sausage & Peppers

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You can cook Italian sausage and peppers in one of a few different ways depending on your preferences. Cook Italian sausage and peppers with help from an experienced and professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Holy cow, guys. Chef Plum from, and today it's sausage and peppers day. And can you tell I'm excited. One of the most important thing when you're cutting peppers, is there's the middle part of the pepper that we don't like to eat. So all you're going to do is you take your knife, put it flush against the pepper, push down gently and just slide it across. And look at that. It' comes right off, see. Perfect, that's what we want. We don't want this is the food. So, we'll put them together, we'll stack them on top of each other. We'll take this one out. I'm stacking them so I can do one less cut of the pepper. And I'll show you what I mean in just a second. I'll take this one out, on top and slice down. And we get them all in one shot relatively even. Not that it matters, it's sausage and peppers, and if you're making sausage and peppers there's obviously something fun going on at your house, so who cares. Taking them across and then we're going to take it right over to our saute pan, sear them off, and add what's good, beer. So I've got the olive oil in the pan, just enough to coat the bottom, and we'll know it's ready because if you've seen any other of my stuff, wisps of smoke off of the pan. Yes, I use the word wisp and I am a large man. We're going to get the sausages ready, and we're going to toss them right into the hot oil and hot pan to sear and get brown on all sides. I've got some sweet Italian sausage here. You could use whatever. If you want to use hot sausage, throw hot sausage in there. You want to use chorizo, use chorizo. There's no right or wrong. It's just food, guys. So hot pan, wisp of smoke, no, almost lost my eyebrows though. So here we go. So we're going to let these sear in the pan a little bit, I'm going to toss the peppers in right now too. You could put onions in there as well if you wanted too. But sometimes just sausage and peppers is great. I'm just flipping the sausages around in the pan a little. You can see they're starting to brown nicely there. And that's not even the good part. The good part's coming. Just stay with me. This is actually for the food. I'm not drinking beer while I'm trying to, that's what we do. We're going to add the beer right to our sausages. All right. We're going to let this come to a boil, I'm going to transfer it to this pot where I can cover it. And then we'll check it out when it's done. See you in a minute. Nothing makes me dance or more happy than sausage and pork products. Do you know how good that stuff is, it's delicious. So what we've got here is our sausage and peppers pulled off the stove that was cooking in that beer. Put it on the plate with a little peppers, here's some mustard. And I'm telling you, they're absolutely fantastic. They're delicious. When you cook your peppers, sear them in a pan, then put your beer in. I'm telling you putting them in the beer makes all the difference in the world. I'm chef Plum from, and that is how you make sausage and peppers. We'll see you next time. I'm going to find some beer.


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