Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Straightened Hair

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Certain wedding hairstyles are very elegant to wear with straightened hair. Learn about elegant hairstyles to wear with straightened hair with help from an experienced hairstylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Dayana, and my name is Melisse and we are the Maria Cardona sisters, owner of 3Hair Makeup in Los Angeles. Today we're going to demonstrate elegant wedding hairstyle for straight hair. It's very important when you have straight hair to have a really sleek hairstyle. Because when you have really straight hair it won't hold curls and it just, we don't want it, all this time, the wedding you know you lose the shape of your hairstyle. And you also want to do a little bit more structure and work a lot with backcombing. We did with this section, this area we're backcombing and hairspray. We did a ponytail in the back and now we're going to show you how to make a really fast and elegant hairstyle. We're going to flip this over here, we're going to make a little section right there. You see you want to have a little room, you're going to take the end of the hair and then you're going to tuck it up, fit it in this other side and hold it like that. That way you're going to have a very secure area. And now you're going to tease all this area. Make it big because we're going to have a down bow a low bow really. Hairspray. Bobby pins. You take the hair, you create a rounded form. Secure, remember to criss-cross every pin that you put so it lasts all night. Lots of hairspray. You don't want not even one little hair to move out of place. Then after you have the rounded shape in the back, you're going to take all the hair that is in the front, you're going to put it in the back. You can run it with fingers if you want to have more busy area in the front. And you want to have a soft brush too. If you want it more smooth you can use the brush. Bobby pin. And we're going to have more bobby pins to put. Now connect, connect more bobby pins. And try always to have all the bobby pins hiding, so they're not like too exposed. And we're going to have some glitter bobby pins, right here, just right here in the middle. You can use, if you just want a very subtle touch of glitter or sparkles, I'm sorry, you can just use a very tiny pieces of crystal. If you want to go a little bit more dramatic you can put a very big hairpiece in the back. And this is our demonstration. Let's show it to the side, and the front. Smooth it out all the time in the front. A little bit of more hairspray. Thank you for watching 3Hair Makeup, Los Angeles. Bye.


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