How Do I Make a Cinnamon Sachet for Christmas?

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A cinnamon sachet is a great opportunity to spread a little holiday cheer around Christmastime. Find out how to make a cinnamon sachet for Christmas with help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Dana Church. And I'm going to show you today how to make a cinnamon sachet for Christmas. You will need possibly some potpourri, some cinnamon sticks. That are, they're sort of expensive but they are worth it. But what I do sometimes if you can't afford the cinnamon sticks just cinnamon will actually work. And then because I don't sew a lot I just go out and get some of these craft glues that are on the market that replace sewing. You don't have to sew. And I also use these products like Wonder Under you know where you just bond the cloth together with a hot iron. So I'm not a real big sewer. I probably could handle this but I think it's just as well to go buy these kind of products and use them. So I do that. But what you want to do first of all is you take a piece of Christmas cloth, something that you like. Some people like it to be a little porous but it doesn't really have to, it still works like this too. And I cut out, I cut the cloth, lets pretend I'm doing this. I just cut a single strip. I try to fold it so I really don't even have to deal with the bottom at all. I don't have to glue that together either. I just fold it together like this. And actually I'm going to fold it inside out like this. You can see that here. That's how you fold it and lay it inside out. Try to make it you know even like this. Then you take the craft glue and you are going to go along the sides of it. Think I got one here. You are just going to go along the sides of it here and you are going to add the glue on the edge. Flexible, stretchable. Oh not that much, just be careful go a little slower with this. Get just a nice line of glue there. Take your time. So you are going to do that all the way around just the very outer edges. You don't want to go in too far with that. And so you'll have that all the way around. Okay then once it's dry like this you know I just went on the very outer edges. You take it and you know you are going to push it inside out. Take your time with this. Sometimes you have to use you know an object push it out, pull it out. Sometimes when you get down to the corners you want to poke it out with something to make it all come out good at the bottom. And then also if you didn't want to use the glue basically you cut this strip. You cut these strips, you lay them down here. You put the piece of cloth on top of it after you cut it like this. And you use the iron just quickly. I would cut it and you just press. And where ever you have that tape it's going to bond it. I just wanted to briefly mention that cause you might want to try that method. That will also bond it together and you just do that around the edges. Okay but I chose to use the glue method. So here's one that I've already premade. Then I just take a little potpourri. And I stuff it down in there. It already has some cinnamon sticks in it. But sometimes I like to freshen it up with some new cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon is yummy for Christmas. And then I fill it a little bit more. And then this is what I do for fun. I don't know if I've ever seen this before but I like to do it. You just add a little cinnamon right in here. Be careful. Alright then when you are done you can get it as full as you want. When you are done you just take a ribbon, a nice beautiful Christmas ribbon and you just tie it on the top. And then you can just lay it out anywhere you want. And it will just fill your whole room with the cinnamon smell for Christmas.


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