Easy-to-Make Christmas Ornaments With Scientific Themes

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Christmas ornaments with scientific themes don't have to be endlessly complicated to make. Find out about easy-to-make Christmas ornaments with scientific themes with help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dana Church, and today I'm going to show you how to make Christmas ornaments with a scientific theme. Children are really interested in science if it's neat and, and fun. So one thing you can do to do this is use Borax, this is Borax, it's like a laundry detergent thing really, but it can be used to cause crystallization on a pipe cleaner. So what you do or chenille wire or what ever you want to call it. What you do first is just take a container, I just used a Ball Jar at this point, but you can use other things, but you're going to heat up two cups of water or one cup of water it depends on what size your ornament is going to be, but I did two cups of water and I heated them up to a boil pretty much, but I heated mine in the microwave so I didn't use this of course, but I heated two cups and I poured them in and then what you do is you step by step you add one tablespoon at a time into the jar. Now this is cold, this has already been done, but you put one at a time in here, okay? And you have to make sure after you put that one in that you stir it up and let it dissolve. So for every cup of water you have three tablespoons of Borax and then you let that dissolve for a little while, just maybe a minute or two. Then you're going to take a pipe cleaner or I use to call them that, but they're called chenille wires and you're going to bend it, I don't have an extra one here, but you get the idea, I have used the one that I liked and you bend it into a shape, this one is a star shape, okay? If you can't do that you could just print out something from the Internet and you could just lay the wire on here, this is what I did and I just followed the pattern, I just bent it and I went along because you know it's easy to bend anyway. So, so yours is going to the fuzzy stuff on it, but I just wanted to show you how to go through the process of bending that so you get the shape, the shape that you want. And then what you're going to do is take, I just took a wire that you use to hang stuff on the Christmas tree with and I put it on the top of this, some people say you use string, but I found that this works just as good and then when you're done, you're done, you don't have to add anything to it to hang it on the tree. So you take this and, you know you have to make sure it fits in here, I'm not sure this one will, but you make sure yours does. Or get a bigger mouthed jar or what ever and you're going to let it suspend it on a pencil, curve the other part around the pencil and you're going to get it so it's not touching. I'm not sure if mine is or not and it came off right there, but you, you're not, all this is not going to happen. So you make sure that it's suspended in here, like this. So you'll have your pencil, you'll have your wire, you get it just the right height and you suspend it over night and you just leave it alone and just put it over to the side, just like that, okay? Then the next morning when you wake up you believe it or not have this, it is actually gorgeous. The chenille wire that I started with was green and shiny, so you should go out and get some kind of Christmas, you know chenille wires, like that, so you can see the green under it a little bit. And see how the crystallization process took place? It's really cool, I'm really excited about it, I love it. So it stuck on there very good and thick because I just tried a couple of them and this one really turned out great. So it just as, as the Borax cools it crystallizes and sticks to the chenille wire and then you could talk some about crystallization, I'm not going to talk about it, but you could talk about it and that's a really interesting way for them to learn about that. And if, some people go on if they want to and they spray it with a little shellac or, or stuff like that, but you don't really have to. You just hang it on the tree, just like that.


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