How to Make Photo Ornaments

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You can make photo ornaments in a number of different ways depending on the types of photos that you're planning on using. Make photo ornaments with help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dana Church, and I'm going to show you today how to make photo ornaments. I am a big fan of The Ball Jar so I think this is a good way to do, to do this, but you can do other kinds of things besides The Ball Jar, but what you do is you go in and you buy Ball Jars with lids and you get like twelve of them and it's very cheap. So they come with this little part that comes out, like this. Now you could just use separately and put your photos on, but I like to also the rim of it, I think it neat, So basically you take a photo of any kind, a personal photo, you're going to take The Ball Jar and use that as a tracer basically and you're going to trace around the area that you want to put in the circle. Alright then you sort of crop it the way you want it and so you trace and then obviously you cut it out and then you're going to use a little glue. I have this kind, you can use the score it glue or any kind of glue, I just happen to have this stuff out, this is like Modge Podge really and I put that on, press it down, very simple. Some people actually will put another one on the other side, but you don't really have to, if your ornaments spin around a lot I guess so and then you basically take the lid of The Ball Jar and you just put it on, like that, you can actually if you want if, you know if you're nervous put a little glue around here too, just squirt glue or hot glue, some people like hot glue a lot and that's fine too. And then you press in there and you're going to let it dry. Whoops, sorry back up. Before you actuary press it in there, let's do one I've already done. I don't like to punch a hole some people do punch a hole, but it's easy just to take a piece of ribbon and put it in like that and then press your lid in like that and just put this where ever you want to put it and that's what you'll use to tie it to the tree and then I press it firmly. Okay and then I go back with a hot glue gun and I've got some Ric-Rac, you've probably heard of that before, Ric-Rac and I put hot glue around here and I just put the Ric-Rac on it and then of course you just tie it in a loop and basically you could put other kinds of stuff on it too, that one took a long time, you don't have to do it that way, but if you want to you can also put, use a hammer and then nail and put a hole through it too and do it that way, but I feel like it's easier just to go this, this route taking it through here. And there you go how to use a photo and how to make a photo ornament.


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