How to Make Gold Wire Ornament Hangers

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Gold wire ornament hangers are really easy to make and look great on a nicely decorated Christmas tree. Make gold wire ornament hangers with help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dana Church, and I'm going to be showing you today how to make gold wore ornament hangers. It's really pretty easy. When I started looking around for Christmas, I did realize for the first time that there really weren't any gold ones out there that I could find. I always get this sort of green ones that are fairly cheap. They have a certain shape like this. But, what you're going to do is go to a craft store, even you know, local super stores, it's actually where I got this for one dollar and you can buy this gold wire. I think it's mainly for beading possibly, but it's a very good thickness for what we're going to do to. So, basically, you take that and you're going to probably get about three and a half inches, I just opened one of these to see how bit it needs to be and that's about three inches. And then, I take my gold wire and I'm going to use some wire cutters; although scissors actually work with this too. So, I'm going to clip it and then, you might need some needle nose pliers. And then, what you're going to do is some people suggest using a pencil, but I just use whatever a I got, like this glue stick. And then, it's so pliable really, you can just bend it around without, without the needle nose pliers really. So, I do that at the bottom for the hook at the bottom and then for fun if you want to, if you do have some beads, you can add a bean on here; you just got to make sure it fits, just for you know, elegance or whatever you want to do. And then, after you get that on there, wherever you want it to be, sometimes it bends a little bit, so you got to be careful; you can use this to straighten it back out. And then from the top, I usually make an S hook like this, so I go back where towards the other way. So, I take my glue stick again and I just use it to mold over the top like this and so, you basically just end up with a little like S backwards S; no S. And there you go, and of course you know, you're going to hang the ornament on this part and then you're going to hang this on the tree. And so, there you go, a gold wire ornament hanger.


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