A Guide to Making Cute Pipe Cleaner Pets

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There is no shortage of cute pipe cleaner pets you can make right at home. Get a guide to making cute pipe cleaner pets with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth, I am an art teacher living in Portland, Maine, and I am going to show you how to make cut pipe cleaner pets. So take any color you would like; I have chosen pink, and pull out just a big stack of pipe cleaners because you want to use a lot of layers of pipe cleaners to make your pet look fluffy and cute. So find the middle of the stack of pipe cleaners and bend down from the middle and then just twist the pipe cleaners around and this is gonna be the head of your pipe cleaner pet and you can kind of bend and mold it however you want and I am going to fold one of these pipe cleaners around to give my pet some ears and you can really just kind of push this little bundle of pipe cleaners around to make a face for your pet. Alright, now keep twisting the pipe cleaners around to give your pet a body and you can kind of fold out again on the sides to make it more round and then you're going to grab pairs of 2 pipe cleaners and wrap them around the body to give your pet legs and there should be pairs of 2 coming out of the bottom of the pet and there should also be pairs coming out of the top and these are gonna get twisted around together to give your pipe cleaner pet legs. And if the leg ends up being to long like that just fold it back in to make all the legs pretty much the same length and you can fold them down, you can bend the head up and then you should have a whole bunch of extra pipe cleaner ends sticking out of the back of your pet. You're gonna just fold these back in and wrap them around to make your pipe cleaner pet extra fluffy looking. You can even wrap them around one of the legs if the leg looks too thin. My name is Abbeth, and I just showed you how to make cute pipe cleaner pets.


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