How to Make Pipe Cleaner Elves

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Pipe cleaner elves are a great, creative way to spread a little holiday cheer. Find out how to make pipe cleaner elves with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth. I am an Art Teacher living in Portland, Maine, and I'm going to show you how to make pipe cleaner elves. So, I have here four kind of holiday-ish looking colors. I've red, green, gold and white. And I'm going to have you choose any of those colors that you'd like to make the basic body structure for the elf. So, take out two of any of those colors; I'm choosing red and find the middle of those two and then bend down from there. Pinch about half inch at the top and twist it around a couple of times to make the head of your elf. And then pull out two of the four ends coming down to make the arms. Then, I'm going to have you twist those two that are coming down about another half inch down to give your elf a little body. And then, you're going to fold the arms in, which about halfway and then wrap those extra little ends around the body or the neck of the elf. Alright. The next step is going to be to make a hat for your elf. So, once again, choose any color you would like, I'm going to choose green for this and then I'm going to take white to make that puffy little brim of the hat. So, you're going to start wrapping the white around one end of the green pipe cleaner. And you're going to continue doing this until you've used up all of the white pipe cleaner. Alright. And your pipe cleaner should look something like this, with about two inches of it covered in white. And you're going to push the beginning of white end through the top of the head of your elf and just secure it by twisting that little end around the original pipe cleaners. Then, you're going to wrap it in a spiral motion up around the top of the elf's head and you're going to all the way up and it actually helps to take some sort of a pencil, it doesn't really matter what kind, but, just an ordinary pencil works; it's fine. And you're going to push that down through the brim of the hat and you're just going to wrap the remaining parts of the pipe cleaner up around the pencil and then just slide the pencil out. And this will give you the shape that you need for the top of the elf's hat. And then at the very top you can just tighten it a little bit to give it that point. Alright. The next step is to give the elf some shoes. So, once again, choose any color you want; I think I'll do green again for this. And you're going to take a pair of scissors and cut that pipe cleaner right in half. And starting about a third of the way up the leg, you're going to start to wrap the pipe cleaner. Wrap it all the way to the end and then if there's extra, wrap it back up towards the top again. Do that on both feet. And then you can curl up the ends of the shoes to give your elf little elf shoes. And then you're going to take one more color, whatever you haven't used, so I'm going to use gold in this case and you can just start at the neck, wrap one end of that pipe cleaner around and just wrap up the whole body to give your elf a holiday outfit. And just fold it in the last little end. Straighten up the legs and do whatever you'd like to with the arms. My name is Abbeth, and I just showed you how to make an elf out of pipe cleaners.


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