How to Make a Camel From Pipe Cleaner Wire

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You can make a camel from pipe cleaner wire by following just a few basic, easy to manage steps. Make a camel from pipe cleaner wire with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth, I am an art teacher living in Portland, Maine, and I'm going to show you how to make a camel out of pipe cleaners. So I'm going to have you start by taking four brown or tan pipe cleaners out of the package and you're going to find the center point of these four and bring your fingers out just a little bit from that center point and you're going to twist a couple of times on both of those places leaving a section in the middle, which is going to become the camel's body, then I'm going to have you fold down these extra ends making sure they're firmly twisted around and then you're going to separate them into pairs of two and twist these around each other to make the camel's legs. And when you get about half way down you're going to fold these ends back up and wrap them around just to make nice sturdy camel legs. Alright and do this with each of these pairs of pipe cleaners so twist until you're half way down and then bring those ends up and twist them around. Alright and once you've twisted the legs like that you can kind of bend them around to make them seem a little bit more realistic and you can even bend the ends out a little bit to make little feet for the camel. And then just kind of separate out those center sections to make a three dimensional camel body, so pull out to the side and pull up, like that. Alright and try to make sure that it's able to stand up. Alright now you're going to take another pipe cleaner and you're going to twist it on right around those back legs and this is going to become the camel's hump. So you can give it one or two humps, if you decide to do two you're going to bend it up into an arc and then go right into the center of the camel's body and attach it by twisting it around a couple times. Alright you can give it another hump and then thatch it right behind the front legs, like that. Alright and then next you're going to need to make the camel's head and neck and camels have long necks so you're going to attach that pipe cleaner on and bend the pipe cleaner up for the neck, bend it down and around to make a little face for the camel and bring that pipe cleaner back down right behind the front legs and twist it on to attach it and make sure he can stand up. My name is Abbeth, and I just showed you how to make a camel out of pipe cleaners.


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