How to Make a Small Pipe Cleaner Bed

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Making a small pipe cleaner bed requires four round pipe cleaners and a few other key tools. Make a small pipe cleaner bed with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth, I am an art teacher living in Portland, Maine, and I'm going to shown you how to make a small pipe cleaner bed. So I am going to have you take out about four round pipe cleaners and I'm going to have you lay them down on the table with about half an inch between each one. Then I'm going to to have you take out six brown pipe cleaners and your going to lay them on top of the four, that you've already put down with about half an inch in between each of those. Make sure that everything is pretty even, I mean it doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be pretty evenly spaced. Now I'm going to have you bend those first four over the tops of those six that you've put down so that you're kind of locking the six pipe cleaners into place. So I'll hold this up so you can see what I've been doing down here, see how I've locked the six pipe cleaners into place by bending those first four over the top. Alright now you're going to flip it over and you're going to do the same thing that you just did except this time you're going to be bending the six pipe cleaners over to lock the other four into place. Alright now that you've done this you can take the two little ends on each side of this bed that you've started and bend them down to create legs for your bed. Just like that and you'll find that you have four extra ends right in the middle here, you're just going to bend those all the way under just to further secure this bed that you've started. And just kind of push everything down to make sure it's nice and secure. And then you can just gently twist together those legs that are coming down on the sides. Alright then choose one side that's going to be the head of your bed and just kind of pull the legs down a little bit like this to expose these two corners on the end which you're going to then bend up to be the head of your bed. Alright the next step is to set the bed down on your table or your work surface and just kind of fold the ends of the legs underneath so that the bed can sit evenly down on a flat surface. Just try to make all of those legs perfectly even. Alright now you're going to choose any color you want for your bedding and take out four pipe cleaners of that color, so I've chosen this nice blue which seems like a nice color for cozy sheets on the bed. And you're going to start up at the head of the bed and fold your pipe cleaner underneath and kind of tuck it into that network of pipe cleaners that you have going. Alright and you're just going to wrap it around the bed, like this and as soon as you run out of one pipe cleaner start with a new one and just keep wrapping the bed, like this. Alright and it looks like I'm actually going to need to use a couple more pipe cleaners and really just use as many as it takes to completely wrap the whole bed in these sheets that you're making. And there you go. My name is Abbeth, and I just showed you how to make a bed out of pipe cleaners.


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