How to Make Pipe Cleaner Dandelions

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You can make pipe cleaner dandelions out of two yellow pipe cleaners and one green one. Make pipe cleaner dandelions with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth. I am an art teacher living in Portland, Maine, and I'm going to teach you how to make pipe cleaner dandelions. So first I'm going to have you take out two yellow pipe cleaners. And one green pipe cleaner. And you are going to find the center of the two yellow pipe cleaners. You are going to hold them together like this. And you are going to wrap a little bit of one end of the green pipe cleaner around those yellow ones to secure it. And this green pipe cleaner is going to be our main stem. And these yellow ones are going to become the petals. So you are going to start by folding down one of your yellow pipe cleaners leaving about an inch of this folded over area. Which is our first petal. You are going to keep doing this all the way around with each of your pipe cleaners. And then you'll see that you have four ends still sticking out. You are going to wrap those under. And you are going to do the same thing again. Folding them down in half into the center like this. Alright and if you have any extra you can kind of fold it under. But it's okay if it's sticking out a little bit because you are actually are going to take one more yellow pipe cleaner and you are going to just kind of wrap this one around the center a couple of times just to make it nice and sturdy. And you can actually use it to make just a couple of more petals to fill out your dandelion a little bit. And try to keep all your petals just about the same length. And then once you've made your last one with that extra pipe cleaner you can just kind of tuck it into the center. My name is Abbeth, and I just showed you how to make a dandelion out of pipe cleaners.


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